Chart: Divorce on the wife’s request

Written by Rob on december 7, 2017

This chart shows the process which a woman from the Middle East, regardless of her religion, can follow to end marital problems, possibly ending in a divorce. There is much attention for the communication between the parties during the process, in particular that between the families involved.

Chart: Routes of honour loss and recuperation

Written by Rob on december 7, 2017

This chart depicts how an entire family can get into severe social problems. Route A the reason for the social problems is the misconduct of one family member. In Route the social problems are caused by an attitude of cowardice. Cowardice is a type of moral misconduct.

Stroomschema: Routes van eerverlies en eerherstel

Written by Rob on december 7, 2017

In dit stroomschema wordt geschetst hoe een familie door moreel wangedrag van één lid in de sociale problemen kan belanden. In route A wordt dit veroorzaakt door wangedrag van een familielid. In Route B is de reden lafheid: de familie treedt niet op na een belediging of een aanval. Ook lafheid is een vorm van moreel wangedrag.

Categories of conflicts regarding honour related violence

Written by aery on mei 16, 2014

The chart of categories regarding honour related violence we developed in 2007 has been used much in the Netherlands. The chart allows you to inventory – together with your client – the seriousness of a given case. Is here family honour at stake, or is there another problem (that potentially can be just as dangerous)?

The chart shows in which case a situation could escalate, but whether it will, and, if so, in which way, depends on still other factors that

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